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Clear Spring Studio was the first dedicated yoga studio in Austin, opening in the spring of 1990. The studio has had many physical locations in the meantime, but since 2005 we have resided at this beautiful, green, quiet, and blessed (twice! by Tibetan monks) studio. Devon Dederich is the director and manager.

Clear Spring News

Thanksgiving Week:  Not normal either...

Today, Tuesday November 21, and here are the cancellations for Thanksgiving holiday times:

All classes, Thursday Nov. 23 through Saturday Nov. 25, inclusive, are cancelled.  Normal classes resume Sunday Nov. 24 and onward until we get to the December Holidays.  More on that soon.  

About Iyengar Teacher Training

For quite a few years now, I've been collaborating with Peggy Kelley and Austin Iyengar Yoga in devising and carrying out Iyengar teacher training.  Information on this upcoming year's schedule is posted on the "Notes" page of this website.  Have a look if you want to know more.

And All New Students get 5 classes for $50

Our standard 5-class pass for only $50!   If you are a new student and you enroll online or in class, on your checkout page you will find a promotion button.  The code you should enter is:

If for some reason you do not find this, you can enroll in person, in the studio,  and get the same discount.  This is not only an online deal.

Good News for Yogis who Need Massage Therapy

We have a partnership with WorkWell Austin, a group of bodyworkers located at 1706 S. Lamar (north of W. Mary). Visit  Clear Spring students signing up for a first-time massage will get a 10% discount using/mentioning the promotion code "clearspring".   And of course, this is reciprocal for all WorkWell bodyworkers and staff.


Clear Spring has transitioned to new MindBody Online software.  This MindBody software will allow you, the student, to enroll in single classes or class packages online (this will be easiest, a big time saver), or to enroll at the studio and pay by cash, check or credit card.  Record-keeping will be more reliable at my end of the deal.  

The advantages of setting up your own account online are several:
-  It saves everyone time at the studio.
-  You can easily discover how many classes you have left on your card, without waiting to come to class and ask your teacher.
-  You can keep your credit card number  securely on file, to make it easier and more time-saving to purchase a new set of classes.
-  It may make it easier to avoid some of the imperfections in this software (which works well, though it does not do everything we could wish for).  

Further (and this is the real reason behind the changes), this new system is designed to allow you to attend any of our Iyengar teachers' classes using the same class pass. You no longer have to pay teachers separately for your classes.  This makes it easier for you to explore different teachers and find a class that fits your schedule best.  This is way better.  

And keep checking for new events on the horizon.

Upcoming Iyengar Workshops
in Austin

July 7-9, 2017, H.S. Arun. 

September 8-10, 2017,
Jackie Nett at Energies Balanced.

January 19-21, 2018, 
Laurie Blakeney

February 16-18, 2018, Manouso Manos.  

Beginners/ Fundamentals Classes

Every Tuesday at 6:00pm we teach a class for complete beginners, or for those returning to yoga who need a fresh start.  The dates posted on our Schedules page indicate the start of each 8-week cycle.  If you want to begin at the beginning, start on those dates.

Saturday Morning Pranayama and Asana at Clear Spring

One of the few regular pranayama classes in Austin!  We explore the physical and subtle movements of the breath in order bring a calm, alert, evenly-spread vitality. Students with around a year of asana practice are very welcome to attend.  And you can follow your Saturday morning pranayama class with Intermediate asana  (with a discount for the pair of course) and set the weekend off right.