Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and More.
Learning to Balance Mobility and Stability in the Studio and in Life.


The Clear Spring News: 

Heading into the autumn Clear Spring welcomes our newest prop, The Platform! 8 feet by 6 feet, It's large enough to support several people at a time in all sorts of extra helpful ways that other props (like folding chairs) can't get near to.   It is also tall enough to store many of our other props underneath. It is lovely.  It is multi-purpose and elegant.  We are enthralled.

This summer we began two new classes:  
Tuesdays from 12 noon to 1:30pm, Mary Scott teaches Level 1-2.
Wednesdays from 6pm to 7:30pm, Melissa Hagen teaches Level 1-2.  

Those classes that were on hiatus over the summer are all now back on the schedule.  EXCEPT we will take one more Friday Practice off on August 26.

Please remember, the Thursday 4:15pm Yoga for Happiness class will begin at 4pm and end at the usual 5:45pm, adding an extra 15 minutes of class time.  15 whole extra minutes of restoration for the same price!  

Also remember that the Wednesday afternoon Level 3-4 class begins now at 3:45pm.  Still two hours, but we start earlier to have time to clear out for the 6pm class.

Clear Spring has transitioned to new MindBody Online software.  This MindBody software will allow you, the student, to enroll in single classes or class packages online (this will be easiest, a big time saver), or to enroll at the studio and pay by cash, check or credit card.  Record-keeping will be more reliable at my end of the business, for which we should all be grateful.  

Further (and this is the real reason behind the changes), this new system is designed to allow you to attend any of our Iyengar teachers' classes using the same class pass. You no longer have to pay teachers separately for your classes.  This makes it easier for you to explore different teachers and find a class that fits your schedule best.  This is better.  

The system is now in place for you to check in with any teacher using the MindBody system.

And keep checking for new events on the horizon.

Clear Spring Studio was the first dedicated yoga studio in Austin, opening in the spring of 1990.  The studio has had many physical locations in this time, but since 2005 we have resided at this beautiful, green, quiet, and blessed (twice! by Tibetan monks) studio.  Devon Dederich is the director and manager.

Upcoming Iyengar Workshops
in Austin

June 17-19,  HS Arun  (discount for IYNAUS members) 

September 23-25, Junior Intermediate Teacher's Workshop

November 4-6, Jawahar Bangera  (discount for IYNAUS members) 

Saturday Mornings at Clear Spring

Pranayama First Thing

At 9:15am we begin with a pranayama class, learning to make the mind and body quiet and focused enough to remove disturbances to the breath, and then use it to locate, store, and move the energies of the body called pranas. 

Philosophy and Asana

Come for a nice Saturday morning asana class, where we also explore the understanding behind what we do as it is explained by our original sources, the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, and the Bhagavad Gita.  You do not have to read the material in advance unless you want to.  We are happy when you do, but no matter what, we will give things for you to think about as you practice.

Anatomy and Asana

We offer special classes using asana to learn about different regions of the body--legs, arms, spine, neck, nervous system, digestion, etc.  Classes will present an overview of particular structures, and then show how asana (and pranayama) can strengthen, support, or restore healthy movement and function to the body parts,.  We also mean to show how yoga can greatly improve sensitivity and awareness of the position, condition, and action of all our human physical parts. 

Intermediate Asana

We work with more challenging poses in our repertoire.  Those just beginning to learn intermediate level work are welcome to come; we want to help you develop your skills happily and safely.  For those who can already do, we can help you go beyond.  



Yves Oberlin teaches October 31st:  Iyengar Yoga for Men