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The Clear Spring News: 

Our next workshop coming up on the horizon is with H.S. Arun, whom you may have met in one of his previous trips here.  Mark the weekend:  June 17-19 here at Clear Spring.
Evening Class Friday 6-8:30 pm
Morning Class Saturday 9:30am to noon
Afternoon Classes Saturday 3:00 to 5:30 pm
Morning Class Sunday 9-11:30am

$200 for the entire workshop; $50 each class, and discounts are available for early registration (before 31 May) and for IYASCUS membership.  

The entire  flyer is one click away on the "Workshops" Blog page.  Call or email for registration.

I will summarize the current Clear Spring schedule changes:  The Wednesday 4-6pm class is on hiatus, and will resume as a Level 3-4 (harder work than before) class beginning JUNE 1st.  Probably right when you go on vacation...
Also, starting now, the Thursday 4:15pm Yoga for Happiness class will begin at 4pm and end at the usual time, adding an extra 15 minutes of class time.  15 whole extra minutes of restoration at the same price!  
The Friday advanced practice will likely go on hiatus for the summer, as many of our stalwarts are off traveling.  

Also, Clear Spring is looking forward to linking up more closely with this modern world by using MindBodyOnline software on this website and at the studio. The change is in process and will be online and in operation soon.  This software will allow you to enroll in single classes or class packages online (this will be easiest, a big time saver), or to pay by cash, check or credit card at the studio.  Record-keeping will be more reliable at my end of the business, for which we should all be grateful.  To that end,  I will ask that for the time being, when you sign into class, please add your email address and a contact phone number on the sign in sheet.  I will enter this information ahead of time and an account page for you will be opened in advance of your first use of the system.  This will be an enormous time saver.

And keep checking for new events on the horizon.

Established in 1990 by Devon Dederich, Clear Spring Studio provides the highest quality instruction & practice in a variety of body-mind disciplines. Our unique environment is accessible to most of the city of Austin, & provides cleanliness, quietness, beauty and a strong sense of community. We were pleased to be voted "Best Yoga Studio in Austin" two years in a row by Austin Fit Magazine!

Our offerings include Hatha Yoga in the Iyengar Tradition, and Anusara Yoga. Our instructors have years of experience in their fields & are highly trained.

The studio is a popular location for special workshops, training programs, and retreats, and is available for rent. Hotels, vacation home rentals, restaurants, trailer park eateries and shopping are found nearby on South First St and South Congress Avenue.  

Special Events and 
Schedule Changes

Click title above to go to the Schedules Page or view mini-version with links here below. This scroll calendar will show you workshop start dates, basic notes, and class cancellations. Go go the Classes and Events Calendar or the Yoga Workshops blog page to find out more about ongoing classes and special events.

Upcoming Iyengar Workshops
in Austin

January 22-24, 2016, Laurie Blakeney  (discount for IYNAUS members)

March 19,  Yves Oberlin teaches Yoga for Men.

April 23-24, Ramanand Patel  teaches at Clear Spring and Austin Yoga Tree.

June 17-19,  HS Arun  (discount for IYNAUS members) 

Early November, Jawahar Bangera  (discount for IYNAUS members) 

Saturday Mornings at Clear Spring

Pranayama First Thing

At 9:15am we begin with a pranayama class, learning to make the mind and body quiet and focused enough to remove disturbances to the breath, and then use it to locate, store, and move the energies of the body called pranas. 

Philosophy and Asana

Come for a nice Saturday morning asana class, where we also explore the understanding behind what we do as it is explained by our original sources, the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, and the Bhagavad Gita.  You do not have to read the material in advance unless you want to.  We are happy when you do, but no matter what, we will give things for you to think about as you practice.

Anatomy and Asana

We offer special classes using asana to learn about different regions of the body--legs, arms, spine, neck, nervous system, digestion, etc.  Classes will present an overview of particular structures, and then show how asana (and pranayama) can strengthen, support, or restore healthy movement and function to the body parts,.  We also mean to show how yoga can greatly improve sensitivity and awareness of the position, condition, and action of all our human physical parts. 

Intermediate Asana

Anne and Devon take turns working ourselves and students toward more challenging poses in our repertoire  Those just beginning to learn intermediate level work are welcome to come; we want to help you develop your skills happily and safely.  For those who can already do, we can help you go a bit beyond.  



Yves Oberlin teaches October 31st:  Iyengar Yoga for Men