Looking into April and May

[UPDATE} Because I am going away to a yoga retreat in April with Gabriella Giubilaro, there will be a few days when I will have to cancel classes.  The certain cancellations are on Wednesday, April 17, only Devon's morning and afternoon classes.  NOTE: Charly's Anusara class will happen as scheduled at noontime.  Keep checking here for information about Monday's 4:15 Happiness class as the time gets closer; I may yet find a sub.   In the event of cancelled classes, please note that all who have bought a series of classes will get a week's extension on their pass, so that Clear Spring absorbs the cancellation, not the students.  But the result of this will be a refreshed Devon, no doubt with some new ideas to convey to you all, and a clearer understanding of the Italian accent which I will try out on all of you.  

And don’t forget, on Wednesday April 17, Gabriella Giubilaro herself will teach for one day only (two classes) at Clear Spring, so Devon's regular Wednesday classes will make way for Gabriella.  It's a fantastic trade; you should come to the workshop if you can.  

And a month later, the next workshop will be relatively short:  on May 17-19, Theresa Rowland and Devon will teach a three-class workshop on Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning (a flyer for this is coming soon).  The workshop will be for all levels of students with more than 6 months’ steady attendance in Iyengar Yoga classes, including those interested in or actively  teaching yoga.  

Oh, and then on June 14-16, right before you all leave for your summer vacations, we have one full weekend yoga workshop with Arun, a most light-hearted Iyengar teacher hailing from Bangalore, India.  We are very pleased to receive Arun in Austin on an actual weekend when we can hope to better accommodate the interest.  Come learn from one who has lived and studied in Pune for many years!     

Posted on April 6, 2013 .