Two New Classes after Labor Day

Begin Again:  An Old/New teacher comes home.

Some of you may remember a teacher and student named Sheryl Abrams, who moved with her family to the Midwest a decade or so ago, and has not only survived, but has become a certified Iyengar teacher and returned to Austin to tell the tale.  Here is a link to the appropriately named new yoga class she will start teaching at Clear Spring after Labor Day.  She has learned from the best, so come learn from Sheryl!

Here is the flyer for Sheryl's new class

It’s suitable as a ‘moving-along” class for those who’ve finished the beginners series a few times,

or who are beginning to practice again after some absence,

or who are regular students who want to start over again and try to hear and experience things differently.

And One More New Development at Clear Spring:

The Monday afternoon class at 4:15, formerly known as Yoga for Happiness will begin a new incarnation in the fall after Labor Day.  I’m renaming the class Gentle Work Yoga.   This class is essentially exactly what it says it is:  It is work, and it is gentle.  It is not the deeply and purely restful sort of class like the Happiness class--which, by the way, still continues on Thursday afternoons at 4:15pm, as always.  In the Gentle Work class, we’ll do a normal range of poses, but using the walls, ropes, belts, chairs and more for steadiness, mobility and strength.  It’s suitable for anyone who wants or needs to work gently but thoroughly in yoga practice, using that inventiveness and intelligence with props that the Iyengar Method is so known for.


Posted on August 28, 2013 .