About that Lateness Thing

I have heard several folks mention the recent workshop with Joan White as having been wonderful and how they would love to see more processual and Intermediate level workshops like this in the future.  I agree and want to add my opinion that it was a challenging and very helpful and inspiring workshop for many.  I also heard a number of complaints about the matter of Joan's and my lateness to class.  It was noted that often classes will run overtime, and sometimes the teachers have to apologize for that.  It happens.  It is not standard, though, for the teacher to appear fifteen or more (!) minutes late to class, every single class.  Not in regular public classes, and not in special workshops.

Joan and I thought and planned and strove to wake up and be prepared in plenty of time not to be late.  Every time we were foiled.  Every time there was a period of time where it looked like we were on time.  And then, really quickly, we were late. This is emphatically not an excuse. We do recognize that several in our workshop group came from considerably farther away than we did and still got to the studio on time every time, and that there were others who had obligations to other family members and were unable to run their schedule late to accommodate us.  We also recognize that figuring out how to be on time is not a great big mystery.  We should not have missed four out of four classes.  Really.  

On behalf of Joan and myself, we publicly and wholeheartedly apologize to everyone for our lateness. We blew it.  It did not help anything to do it.  We won't do it again.  

Posted on November 23, 2014 .