Thanksgiving Note

This is a rare sort of holiday.  We have named it Thanksgiving, and the name expresses our gratitude, our thanksgiving, to those first people here, who made us feel safe and welcome when we were strangers in this new land.     Gratitude follows upon acts of friendliness, kindness, compassion and generosity. We should spend part of the day remembering the generosity of those first peoples such a long time ago, when we first arrived here.  

At Thanksgiving, it is less important to emphasize your thankfulness, your gratitude.  In other words, don't celebrate yourself, or all that you have.  Instead, admire the goodwill, kindness, compassion and generosity in the world precedes and that inspires your gratitude, and become more like that. 

Yoga also stretches and strengthens your organs of generosity and gratitude, so go to Anne's Thanksgiving morning class and tune up for a lovely day.

There you go.  Happy Holiday


Posted on November 26, 2014 .