Early Morning Meditation Experiment at the Studio

We are starting a meditation experiment at the studio, and will see if the notion catches on.  On Friday mornings we will open at 630am for a brief period of sitting meditation before our regular asana class begins at 7:30.

The practice will include entry into the studio from the parking lot in silence or whispered voice only.

Take your shoes off and enter the studio silently, respectfully of anyone else already in the room and sitting.  

Gather your own props for sitting and take a position comfortably (for you) with a chair, a bolster, blankets or a cushion; on the floor or at the wall to support your back.  Bring your own cushion if you have a setup you like. You can ask for help if you are unfamiliar with sitting, but make sure to come exactly at 6:30 so there will be enough time to get assistance and have time for you and your helper to just sit.

We will sit until close to 7am, and then chant three OMs and perhaps bow together.  A lovely, short morning practice.

Donations are welcome to cover the use of the studio.  

rsvp to paul hallett.  Email yogapaul at yahoo.com and let him know you are interested.

Posted on June 26, 2014 .