Jawahar left an impression

Jawahar left a wonderful impression. 

 Only ten hours he taught, and he left me with an renewed appreciation of the key elements of Iyengar Yoga (as he explained it):

1) Alignment: In particular Jawahar spoke of, and taught to, the "middle joints," the elbows and knees, and how to use their firmness to extend and then control the movement of the arms and legs.  From that stable extension, an inward pathway is opened and the inner body becomes approachable.  This is the goal of alignment: to open a doorway inward to the mind and the root of consciousness.

2) Sequencing:  we did not do many poses or work to cover lots of "territory" with varieties of poses.  We stuck to essentially Introductory level poses, but fully explored the range of healthy motion of our arms and legs, hips and shoulders (using the knees and elbows, see above).  The sequencing combined with the emphasis on sensitive and firm alignment allowed us an internal expansion, extension, and peace.  

3) Timing:  I don't think we did a single pose for anything less than three minutes on a side.  The transformations of yoga are created through uninterrupted, alert practice,  

Jawahar's teaching reminds me that forty years into this,  I am now, and shall always remain, a student.  

Posted on November 12, 2016 .