Charly Pivert's Anusara Yoga Classes


12 noon-1:30pm  Anusara   Charly Pivert
6:00pm-7:30pm  Anusara   Charly Pivert

12 noon-1:30pm   Charly Pivert


Ongoing 1-1/2 hour Classes
First class: free for local Austin students
Single class: $15 per class
8 classes in three months:  $108

Payable by cash or check to Charly in class. 

Contact Charly, 512-476-2901,  charlypivert at

Iyengar Yoga Classes
(with Devon Dederich, Leann Billups, Patti Gagne, Melissa Hagen, Samantha Saladino, Mary Scott, and others)

Below is a list of all Iyengar Yoga classes we offer here.  Further below that is a list of all our class packages and prices.  When you click to purchase classes online, you will pass through to the MindBodyOnline website for enrollment.  All classes are also payable at the studio by cash, check, or credit card.  

Discounts are offered for full time students with ID and those in financial need.  Please ask your teacher for what you need.  It is our dharma and our joy as yogis to help. 


NOTE: Our New Student 5/$50 Promotion allows newcomers to attend five of our 1.5-hour class offerings (13 classes per week to choose from, including one Pranayama class  Look for the **asterisked classes on the schedule below, and check that the class level matches your capacity ).  If you are a new student and enroll online or at the studio, when you purchase the 5-class pass a promotion offer will appear offering the discount to you.  The promo code is   "Newyogi."   One capital letter; no punctuation.     

**4:15pm-5:45pm Gentle Level 1-2     Devon Dederich

**10:00-11:30am     Gentle Level 1    Devon Dederich
**12 noon-1:30pm     Level 1-2    Sheryl Abrams
**6:00pm-7:30pm     Fundamentals/Beginners Series    Level 1      Devon Dederich
NOTE: Beginners Series Start Dates 2017:   *  Jan  3   *   Feb 28   *   Apr  25   *   June  20   *   Aug  15   *   Oct  10  *
(each date above is the start date of an 8-class series.  There are no gaps between series; we meet every Tuesday evening.)  

**7:30am-9:00am      Level 2-4    Devon Dederich
**10:00am - 11:30am       Level 1-2     LeAnn Billups
**6:00pm - 7:30pm        Level 1-3     Devon Dederich

**10:00am-11:30am  Gentle Level 1   Patti Gagne
**4:00pm-5:45pm     Yoga for Happiness (Restorative)    Devon Dederich
**6:00pm-7:30pm     Level 1-2    Devon Dederich

**7:30am-9:00am     Level 2-4    Devon Dederich

**9:15am-10:15am     Pranayama  Level 1    Devon Dederich
10:30am-12:30am     Level 2-4     Devon Dederich

Sunday (Donation Classes)
**1:45pm-3:15pm    Level 1-2    Melissa Hagen
**6:00pm - 7:30pm  Level 1-2  Samantha Saladino



Ongoing 1.5-hour  Classes  (including the Tuesday-evening Beginners/Fundamentals Series)
Single 1.5-hour class: $20
5 classes in 2 months: $90
8 classes in two months: $125  (Includes the Fundamentals/Beginners Series)
16 classes in two months: $225
24 classes in two months:  $290

Sunday Dana (donation) classes  (Sundays 1:45pm-3:15pm and  6:00pm-7:30pm )
Single 1.5-hour class:  $10 suggested minimum (but you decide)

Ongoing  2-hour Iyengar classes ( Sat. 10:30am)
Single 2-hour class: $23 (intermediate level classes; check with instructor first)
5 two-hour classes in two months: $100
8 two-hour classes in two months: $145

Saturday Morning Pranayama (9:15am-10:15am)
Single 1-hour class:  $15

Asana and Pranayama Packages
Combined Saturday Pranayama plus Asana Class:   $30 total
5 Saturday Pranayama classes in 3 months:  $50
5 Saturday Asana classes in 3 months:  $100
5 Saturday Asana plus Pranayama classes in 3 months:  $140
8 Asana plus Pranayama classes in 4 months:  $210

Contact your teacher to ask questions about particular classes.

Another Note:  Devon offers discounts for full-time students (with current ID).  For anyone in financial need, I may be able to offer work trade, and I certainly can offer pay-what-you-can classes.  Just ask.  It is our joy, and our job, and our yoga, to help.  

Devon Dederich's Iyengar Classes

Contact Devon via email:  devond108 at; phone/text 512-633-2354

Leann Billups' Iyengar Classes

Contact Leann via email: leabillups at

Mary Scott's Iyengar Classes

Contact maryqueenscott at gmail. com; web:

Melissa Hagen's Iyengar Classes

Contact Melissa via email:  hellobirmingham at; find elegantganeshayoga on

Sheryl Abrams's Iyengar Classes

Contact Sheryl, 512.761-6579, email yogabysheryltx at

Patti Gagne's Iyengar Classes

Contact Patti, 512-415-0743; email pgagne108 at

Samantha Saladino's Iyengar Classes

Contact Samantha, 512-897-9556; email kineticguidance at

Anne Schultz's Iyengar Classes

Contact Anne, 512.468.2808, email anne_marie_schultz at baylor edu; web: