Special Yoga Workshops Coming Up (updated 11 November)

November 23, Saturday morning 9:30-Noon
Devon teaches an Iyengar workshop: Slouching Toward Padmasana

Join us for an exploration of the pathways to open the hips, legs, pelvis and spine for the wonderful pose Padmasana.  Contact Devon in the "get in touch" window at the bottom of this web page for information and enrollment. 

Thanksgiving Day Practice with Anne Schultz

Join Anne in our annual celebration of Yoga practice.  We will have a fun-filled two-hour session.  Standing poses, inversions, backbends, arm balances, forward bends and a few twists.

Cost:  $20, payable to Anne, check or cash.

February 21-23, Fri. evening through Sunday Noon
Laurie Blakeney teaches an Iyengar Yoga Workshop

More information coming as the event approaches.  As always, these workshops are useful for teachers.  Contact Devon in the 'keep in touch' window at the bottom of this page.

April 4-6, Friday evening through Sunday noon
Joan White teaches an Iyengar Yoga Workshop.

As always, there will be a regular asana workshop with many useful components for teachers. Contact Devon in the 'keep in touch' window at the bottom of this page.  

May 24-25, Saturday and Sunday.
Ramanand Patel leads an Iyengar Yoga Workshop.

 Please contact Peggy Kelley for more information and enrollment.  email:  yogini102 at gmail dot com.  


Posted on November 2, 2013 .