Generosity and Compassion are Year-Round Values

On Saturday December 28th, 9:30-Noon,  Devon will lead an All Levels yoga class to call special attention to the wonderful qualities of generosity and compassion. The yogis say cultivating these qualities help us to overcome all obstacles.  All obstacles.

The idea is to have a lovely All Levels class on a sparkly Saturday morning, and even if it's not especially sparkly outside we will make it sparkly within.  Anyway, this time you don't pay Clear Spring for your sparkles.  Instead, offer a donation (any amount will do), cash or check, which we will in turn offer equally to two organizations that depend upon generosity and compassion to carry their work forward.  100% of all contributions will go to the following two organizations this year**:

The first is Mr. Iyengar's Bellur Project in his home village in India.  A trust was established and put to work some years ago, and its funds have built primary and secondary schools offering free meals to students, a water treatment facility, a free clinic and a temple (to Patanjali, who else?), all in an extremely poor village that had none of this when Mr. Iyengar was growing up.  The Trust has been established both to build and to care for the maintenance of all these facilities, and to provide the yoga instruction in the school. Here is a link to a description of the Bellur Trust

The second project is local.  One of my favorites is Austin's Safe Place, a shelter for abused adults and children.  They provide a safe refuge, counseling, and practical help establishing a new life for those in need.  This year they will provide matching funds for any donation so any help we provide will be twice as valuable.  

 Please practice friendliness to all, compassion toward those who suffer, joy for all the wonderful beings, and always, always, turn your mind toward the good.

**Note:  if you would like to have your donation recorded as yours personally for tax reasons, please write your own check either to Safe Place, or to IYNAUS (with BELLUR TRUST in the "memo" line).  Or really, truly, you could write a check to whatever organization strikes a chord in your heart.  I'll send them off if you bring them to class.

Posted on December 19, 2013 .