Generosity Makes Everyone Happier

On Saturday, December 22, from 10am to 12:00 noon, Devon will lead an ordinary asana class for all levels of student, for the ordinary price of $22. You will also get an explanation of the yogic view of how useful--really, how essential-- generosity is to our happiness and wellbeing in life.    What I will get is the opportunity to take everything you pay me for this class and divide all of it equally between two charitable causes:  Mr. Iyengar's Bellur Project, and a local charity--Austin's Safe Place.  For this class, I will work for you and them, and dedicate all the good that comes from the class, financial and otherwise, to the benefit of those who have need of generosity.

It's a good time to remind all of you that if you know someone who could use a yoga class and cannot afford it, I have had a policy from the beginning of offering classes for free (or for whatever is offered) to those who need it. Tell this to those you know who could use the information.  


Posted on December 10, 2014 .